Our fabulous games package currently contains 6 wonderful games, that will entertain all ages! Some games come ready to play, some require a little assembly, however fear not, we send instructions!

4 in a Row

Available in either heart or circle styles, with a choice of disc colours, 4 in a row is classic game to test the mind! It provides a visual delight, and compliments the colour scheme of your event.* 4 in a row will need 2 people for assembly

Tumble Tower

Hold onto your hard hats as the tumble tower is in town! How high can you stack those blocks before it comes crashing down?!! A game of physical skill and manual dexterity, the tumble tower comes in its own box that can be used as base for the game.


What score can you get?! This garden classic tests your throwing accuracy, ideal for big and little kids alike! A game of skill and precision, quoits trials your hand eye co-ordination when you attempt to get the hoop over the highest scoring poles to claim victory!

Hearts & Kisses / Noughts & Crosses

Tic Tac Toe or Noughts & Crosses is a classic game that we have given a supersized twist to! Providing hearts and crosses, this tactical game requires strategy and observation for the win, you can even increase difficulty with the addition of gin!


This stalwart pub game is a firm favourite to entertain! 2- 4 players can enjoy our beautiful wooden pieces, pitched against each other either individually or in teams, why not create a winner stays on tournament throughout your event o add a little competitive edge!

Knock Em Down Ducks

This twist on the classic coconut shy pitches two players against each other in a race to knock em ducks down!! As quickly as you can, use the bean bags to try and wipe your ducks out, but don’t forget you have to collect them when they are gone!! The first to have no ducks left standing wins!!* Knock em Down ducks will need 2 people for assembly

Snakes and Ladders!

A 2-4 player game for all ages, in supersize! We love this game and keeps folk entertained for hours!