Bride and groom play a game of connect 4 at their wedding reception

3 Top tips for wedding success!!

Let's be honest, we have all been to a wedding where at some point we have found ourselves twiddling our thumbs...

We will let you in on the magic formula to make your day one to remember!!

1. Provide a few welcome drinks!
This allows people to relax and get in the mood to thoroughly enjoy your day! If they are on you- even better!!

2. Keep them well fed- the way to a wedding guests heart is through their stomach and you should totally take advantage of this!! So get on pinterest and get creative!!

3. Provide some interactive entertainment- that is where our games come in... We can keep folk of all ages entertained and they encourage guests to mingle, a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

So there you have it, the magic formula- do with it what you will!!

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